Reorganization & restructuring

How would you like to reorganize and restructure your company? Or do you simply want to completely reconstruct your company?

We shall also be happy to partner you during the important step of restructuring and complete reconstruction until you achieve a turnaround. Our approach to reconstructing and restructuring a company is primarily based on a rapid analysis of the situation of the company: the most important step is then to ensure the survival of your company. This includes measures to reduce costs and provide sufficient liquidity as well as ensuring the enthusiasm of your management team and of your other employees too. Notwithstanding the crisis, the task in hand is to demonstrate that this process of change must be taken seriously. What you need is a rapid plan with immediate measures including considerations on reorientation in the marketplace. In this situation, too, we shall be happy to stand by you with our experience and with qualified managers. Sometimes a complete restructuring of the entire company or group is called for, and this may necessitate relocating the seat of the company or a complete reorientation of the company. Let us be your partner when it comes to the restructuring and reconstructing your company.

What we can offer you:

  • Analysis of your crisis situation
  • Examination of your ability to restructure
  • Elaboration of a restructuring plan
  • Assistance with hiving off, selling or relocating parts of your company
  • Helping you to achieve new orientation in the marketplace
  • Elaboration of a plan for a strategic approach
  • Support with restructuring negotiations (bankers, finding investors, suppliers, employees)
  • Consulting until implementation is complete, if necessary with the assistance of a new management.

Make the most of our advisory service and give us a call!