Are you worried about insolvency under the complicated rules of insolvency law in the United Kingdom or any other European country? Or concerned about the liability of your managing director?

If your company is in danger of becoming insolvent, we can assist you in all matters relating to German insolvency law.

Take German insolvency law, for example:

German insolvency law has now become so complicated that nobody can tell any more – much less correctly explain – when and how a company becomes insolvent according to current insolvency law. Even the infamous three-week period in German insolvency law is the subject of much conjecture. If there is any doubt, afterward in court everything is completely different, as they always look for a scapegoat. The liability of managing directors is particularly poorly regulated under German insolvency law.

Simply avoiding an insolvency under German insolvency law and the law of other countries and the liability of managing directors

If our analysis shows that there is even the slightest risk of insolvency for you under insolvency law – whether or not your company is in debt – we shall offer you another EU solution so as to avoid German insolvency law. We ensure that you avoid not only the risk of an insolvency, but also the managing director’s liability. You will have significantly more leeway to act after transferring the seat of your core business away from the jurisdiction of German insolvency law. You can then concentrate on getting your business back on track and will not have the threat of a so-called insolvency application or managing director’s liability under German insolvency law hanging over you.

Managing director’s liability

The main priority here is to get your senior executives out of the line of fire, in other words, to minimize your managing director’s liability, or even eliminate it altogether by moving the seat of your company. Eliminating this personal risk of the managing director’s liability under local insolvency law will leave your head free to implement change, and you can once again focus on restructuring your business or improving your liquidity.

We have experience in major, often extremely complex corporate restructuring and in relocating company seats. This frequently goes hand in hand with complete financial restructuring, as investors often insist on a lean, clearly structured company. Thus it is sometimes better to start over than to try and rescue an existing company. However, we will still be your partner for a reasonably priced start-up or subsidiary.

Our aim is to assist each of our clients. No matter whether you are a large or a small company, as our client we will focus our complete attention and expertise on your case. We are also happy to help smaller companies find solutions to problems relating to insolvency law, managing director’s liability and other restructuring questions.

Our remedies if there is a risk of your falling foul of German insolvency law:

  • Relocating your company to England, thereby avoiding German insolvency law
  • Looking for investors / improving your liability in England
  • Securing the assets of your company and the senior executives involved (managing director’s liability)
  • Modifying your corporate structure / selling a new shell company / restructuring your company at home and abroad (under different insolvency law without managing director’s liability)
  • Assistance and operational consulting with restructuring after relocating your company seat (questions of insolvency law).

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