In a crisis due to lack of investment? In search of capital from an outside investor? Help negotiating with your bank during a crisis?

We are the people to get in touch with if your bank “wants out” in a crisis situation, makes life difficult for you with endless demands for papers, or no longer wishes to make an investment in your business and you urgently need help for the upcoming negotiations with your bank.

A lack of investment can very quickly result in a shortage of liquidity. You are short of money for everything – and in a worst-case scenario you don’t even have enough to collect your outstanding receivables. This situation can threaten the very existence of your company unless you counteract it with a new business plan and new investment. In certain crisis situations, an investment by flexible outside investors may be even more beneficial for the consolidation and growth of your company. This varies from one case to another and depends on the amount of liquidity required.

We will make a detailed up-front analysis to determine the investment that would be best in your particular situation. This involves making a detailed analysis of your crisis situation with you, and elaborating a professional business plan based on your current situation. Especially at times of crisis, we will support you at every meeting with your bank, look for new investors, and negotiate the contracts for future investments by investors. We will take your company from crisis to success!

What we can offer you:

  • Elaboration of a professional business plan at times of crisis, in either English or German
  • Look for new investment or investors
  • Fill out the necessary forms for investment or to improve your liquidity
  • Bank negotiations on investments particularly at times of crisis
  • Assistance with receivables management
  • Search for new markets
  • Assistance with restructuring at times of crisis

Make the most of our advisory service and give us a call!