Looking for an investor? Liquidity problems? Trying to sell your company? Problems with the bank? Facing insolvency?

You’ve come to the right place! Welcome to Whitelaw Business Angels. Solving other companies’ problems is our challenge. If you are facing insolvency or need to arrange the sale of your business, if you are looking for investors or an interim manager … we can help you!

Who are we?

When you opt for Whitelaw, you will be working with a full service company from England with extensive German experience. Our experts will examine your company’s situation in detail and come up with practical, realistic solutions to help with the time-consuming, problematic processes you face (sale of the business, insolvency, etc.).

We will tell you in plain terms what the situation is, especially if you are trying to sell your company, if your company is going through a crisis and/or you are facing insolvency.

Our approach is not to burden you with long hours of consulting and problem analysis and then leave you alone again with your insolvency worries! Only when your business sale is in the bag and the threat of insolvency has been warded off will we leave you.

Our target group is small and medium-sized companies throughout German-speaking countries and Europe.

What do we offer?

Our core competences are reorganization and restructuring as well as corporate transactions (sale of the business, insolvency). Selling a business or the threat of insolvency often involve reorientation and positioning in other markets or locations. We specialize in solving liquidity problems and identifying private equity partners and interim managers, especially in tricky situations where there is a risk of insolvency or while arranging for corporate succession (sale of the business).

From our head office in England, we tap into a network of professional partners in Europe built up over many years. Regardless whether the task at hand is finding investors, selling the business or insolvency. You will benefit from close proximity and dependable contacts.

Sometimes certain corporate situations (e.g. sale of a business or the risk of insolvency) demand new faces. Our pool of interim managers will help get your company back on its feet e.g. after a sale.

As outside “third parties” we have different resources to mobilize new energy and ideas. When the threat of insolvency or sale of the business seem likely, we are better able to handle crises of confidence with clients and employees.

In thorny situations, e.g. during sale of the business or when insolvency is a threat, there is often no energy left in the company for simple but time-consuming tasks. You can delegate these tasks to us. This includes developing comprehensive business plans required by banks, the legal aspects of insolvency or selling the business, as well as how bookkeeping can entice the desired figures from the IT system.

Taking advantage of insurers is often neglected or forgotten, especially in crisis situations such as insolvency or sale of the business. Here too, we can help with your reorganization process.

Special situations such as selling the business, risk of insolvency and other crises require special treatment.

Business sale or insolvency, partner or customer: Whitelaw will adapt to meet your needs. Discretion is our highest precept. Gaining you as a reference is our challenge.

Business sale, insolvency worries or restructuring your company? The sooner you consult with us, the better we can help. Minor worries can have major repercussions, such as the actual sale of the business.

We will guide you through the turnaround until you are firmly positioned in the international market again. And beyond, if you wish.

We will help you with the following tasks:

  • Financial problems / liquidity shortages (insolvency threat)
  • Bank problems (withdrawal notice)
  • Search for investors / associates with good liquidity
  • Business sale and other corporate transactions
  • Loss of major customers (which can lead to insolvency/sale of the business)
  • Day-to-day workflow
  • Search for (interim) managers
  • Restructuring / reorientation (in the case of insolvency or sale of the business)

You will find more details on business sale, improving liquidity, staving off insolvency and other services in the detailed explanations. Or just phone us!