Need a sound business plan? Does your business plan call for downsizing?

In some problematic situations, there is often no capacity for in-house tasks essential to the business plan. We are happy to take various “small” worries and time-consuming work off your shoulders or can help with difficult projects (e.g. when the business plan calls for downsizing).

This includes developing a comprehensive business plan as required by banks as well as extracting the necessary numbers out of your IT system or helping you through downsizing.


Particularly when you are faced with the sensitive task of downsizing, it is vital not to make any mistakes, as downsizing will have a tremendous impact on your staff. It is therefore essential to ensure that downsizing is carried out in a constructive manner!

Insurance services

In a crisis it is all to easy to overlook the insurance claims anchored in your business plan – and they may also be “forgotten” by those reluctant to shoulder their responsibility. We will gladly advise you on this aspect of your business plan during the restructuring process.

Occasionally one omits to submit applications due to a degree of “tunnel vision”, or because the necessary skills and experience are lacking. This may severely prejudice your business plan, so you should never give up too easily.

We will be happy to be the “good fairies” behind your business plan. We have plenty of ideas up our sleeves for the successful implementation of your business plan, even in matters that require great sensitiveness.

We possess the expertise for the following projects

  • Assistance / applications for grant projects
  • Elaboration of a business plan for your bank and investors (including downsizing if necessary)
  • Introduction of practical IT structures particularly for your accounting and if appropriate outsourcing (downsizing)
  • Preparation of facts & figures
  • Collection of receivables
  • Clarification of liabilities and creation of transparency (business plan)
  • Planning of downsizing, assistance with downsizing, implementation of downsizing
  • Assistance with the elaboration / revision of a quality management system
  • Assistance and applications for insurance cover and insurance claims

Make the most of our advisory service and give us a call!