Insolvency in the UK – Liquidation – Legal business liquidation

European ties are strengthening and this opens up new business opportunities that you as an entrepreneur can take advantage of. If your company is in crisis, then why not consider insolvency / company insolvency in the UK.

There are significant differences in the insolvency laws of European countries. An insolvency in Germany is extremely complicated and unpredictable. State-commissioned insolvency lawyers, expensive insolvency fees, deferred liability charges….are all a burden to insolvent businessmen and can cause to serious and endless disruption to financially unstable businesses. Liquidating debt, unburdening oneself and making a fresh start is unfortunately extremely difficult when dealing with such a system.

Insolvency in the UK – The principle of business liquidation

With a UK insolvency you are in the driving seat. Use your knowledge, energy and ideas to make a successful fresh start.

The UK insolvency system is unique. The complications of the German system are consciously avoided. Many of our clients from Germany could hardly believe it at the start. The essential principle of insolvency in the UK is that you as a businessman are to be valued and are able to work productively again.  An insolvency in the UK is therefore not to be considered an endpoint but rather as a building block to a complete restructuring of your business. An insolvency in the UK means making a clean break from all that energy-sapping tinkering with a failing business. At the same time, an insolvency in the UK can mean you save assets and contracts. Business liquidation allows you to reorganize as you wish. After the completion of a UK insolvency, a fresh and clean start is possible.

A UK insolvency – The business liquidation process

The crucial point behind a UK insolvency / business liquidation is that the future will be a lot better for you and your (new) business from now on

“Cut your losses”. You sell your company shares for a symbolic price and step down as company director. This cut guarantees your release from any liabilities stemming from the failed business. You can hold on to your contracts and assets are still available to you. All authorities are officially notified and informed about the necessary steps. We will ensure that you make contractual negotiations with the buyer on important issues. This means that you can save ideas, licences….In addition, with a UK insolvency / business liquidation, you can decide whether you wish to take the business back after a successful restructuring.

Restructuring. We will look after the restructuring process in the UK. It is much easier to implement there than in the UK. If a restructuring is impossible, we will carry out a UK insolvency. It will be a huge weight off your shoulders.

You determine your own future! A UK insolvency protects your prospects and your freedom to make a fresh start. You can start a new business or reshape your current business by creating new company structures or…

Insolvency in the UK – troubled by a company liquidation?

It is in no one’s interest for businessmen to be out of the game for years on end. Your ideas and energy are far too important to all of us.

Business liquidations, in particular insolvencies in the UK are most often talked of more negatively than they should be. Perhaps you worry that you will lose face by carrying out an insolvency in the UK. Regarding negative opinions on UK insolvencies we’d like to give you a few things to think about:

  • Making a fresh start by choosing new paths is a legitimate claim. Every businessman should take the best form of legal action open to him
  • If you go for a UK insolvency then this is a move with a meaningful objective, which requires entrepreneurial skill and careful consideration. To carry it out shows courage.
  • The European justice system is in place for all Europeans. UK insolvencies offers you legal options that you are allowed to take on.

You should not be under the impression that going for a UK insolvency is an easy decision. No one wants to start a company liquidation in the UK.
But the earlier you come to the decision, the more we can help you.

UK insolvency / Company liquidation – Our offer

  • Company liquidation / Company insolvency in the UK
  • Release of the company director from liability, recruitment of a new company director
  • Monitoring of all official processes in the UK and country of origin
  • Asset security
  • Implementation of new umbrella structures
  • Support for new start
  • Support for personal bankruptcy in personal crisis situations (referring you to Whitelaw
  • And of course we’ll help you with an insolvency in German law.

An insolvency in the UK is not impossible to carry out. Company liquidations must however be planned precisely. We will offer you our experience and support.

Make the most of our free-of-charge advisory service and give us a call!

PS It is really important to us, that we offer you as much transparency as possible. Discuss your situation with someone you trust, your tax advisor or lawyer and bring him/her along to our meeting!