Ad hoc and interim management with corporate succession and sale of a business

Some situations, such as sale of the business or corporate succession, require an interim manager. The manager can take over a job for a short time until the new manager has been found or is familiar with the job. Crisis situations sometimes also call for new faces. This is the job of the interim manager or ad hoc manager (in the case of sale of the business / corporate succession).

As outside “third parties” we have different resources to mobilize new energy and ideas. This makes crises of confidence in dealings with customers and colleagues during the sale of a business or corporate succession more manageable.

We will find the perfect successor for your company. We specialize in general managers for individual companies and new owners or partners (sale of the business, corporate succession).

Or you can look for a successor (sale of the business) at your leisure; that too is our core business. We specialize in “temporary managers” for medium and higher management / hierarchical levels in the commercial area. The interim manager assumes responsibility for results as well as technical and project functions until the job can be handed over to the new manager (in the case of sale of the business / corporate succession).

In the case of sale of the business or corporate succession, it often happens that a position must be filled for the short term, sometimes with a temporary employment contract. With this too, we can help.

With sale of the business / corporate succession by a new person in management, we bridge management gaps for you and help with foreign activities, restructuring and regulating succession.

What we can offer you:

We offer interim managers at the following levels for corporate succession or sale of the business: general manager (CEO), commercial manager, marketing head, project manager.

These can be used for assistance / establishment / restructuring of:

  • a professional sales team
  • a professional commercial team with a knowledge of business indicators and professional receivables management
  • professional marketing (including online marketing)
  • a moderate IT structure
  • the management and reporting structure of the company.

Our interim managers and candidates for corporate succession (as well as sale of the business) come from a wide variety of industries and have many years of valuable experience. Discretion and moderate prices are top priorities for us. Senior managers will also be happy to work for you; their extensive experience will benefit your corporate succession or business sale significantly.

Make the most of our advisory service and give us a call!