Your receivables management isn’t working? You are suffocating under liabilities? Time to make a change!

Carrying out the desired reorientations is almost impossible in a corporate crisis with high liabilities. Often there is no clear formulation and statement of consistent corporate goals (e.g. when revising receivables management or scheduling liabilities). Not infrequently, managers feel powerless and “drained”; new ideas simply refuse to come. Recognizing this is the first step in change management.

Change management

We can help you analyse structures and liabilities, record the changes clearly and implement them wholeheartedly – this is what distinguishes us clearly from our competitors. A schedule of liabilities, examination of receivables management, writing down key figures … This should show your managers and colleagues that the change process is serious and measurable. We formulate clear goals for you, precise methods and ideal conditions that must be created and pursued.

We promise not to whitewash anything: only in this way can we help you to introduce changes. Even for “old hands with thick skin” this is often an emotional rollercoaster. Unfortunately it is sometimes necessary to employ the proverbial “scalpel” in order for the patient to survive. With you, however, you are not the direct “bearer of bad news”. We carry out this task for you. We don’t leave you to implement new measures on your own, we help you with practical measures; whether that means receivables management, clarification of liabilities or even downsizing.

What we can offer you:

  • Elaboration of new strategies (also in receivables management and for liabilities)
  • Discussion of liabilities with staff, staff council, etc.
  • Development of bank documentation (receivables management, liabilities, etc.)
  • Assistance with drawing up of final documentation for the management team
  • Discussions with customers (receivables management, liabilities)
  • Negotiations with insurers and development of the necessary documentation
  • Negotiations with lawyers and coordination
  • Discussions with creditors (receivables management, liabilities).

Make the most of our advisory service and give us a call!