Application for interim managers

Dear Interim Manager Applicant,

We are looking for qualified interim / change managers for our projects. Naturally your qualifications must be a match. We are involved in particular in the area of crisis management. Our decades of experience and our extensive network of clients provide the ideal framework for your employment as an interim manager. Do you enjoy unusual challenges? Do you enjoy flexibility and adapt easily to working in unusual locations?

If the website and a job working in interim management appeal to you, apply here now! We will provide you with more information when we invite you for an interview. It would be helpful if you are fluent in a second language, besides your mother tongue. However, this is not a requirement. If we can write the following about you in the proposal to our customer:

“Our interim manager possesses a high level of flexibility, when it comes to both location and also the assignment length. We are confident that our interim manager will not get discouraged and has the particular and specific experience and abilities to deliver the necessary concrete results swiftly. Our interim manager will typically have held middle to upper level management positions in other companies and will therefore contribute extensive knowledge and experience to your organization.”

… then we welcome you to our team as an applicant for interim management. It is immaterial whether you consider yourself more as a senior manger or even have your own business.

Apply now!