It is very important to us to make our prices as transparent as possible for you. Every company has a different starting situation, and prices must be negotiated up front for each company and assignment.

Please take advantage of a consulting session at the outset, so that you can be sure we are the right partner for you. Below we have summarized the individual prices for an initial consulting session.

Interim management

Your costs for interim management depend entirely on the position to be filled and how often the manager must be present at your company. We will negotiate the daily fee with you. It will normally be between EUR 150 and 800. It also depends on whether the manager is to work directly on site or can also work from home. We can also work up a flat fee if the position is to be filled for the longer term. Naturally that makes it considerably less expensive for you.

Investment search / liquidity acquisition and concluding an investment

The normal commission is generally between 3 and 5 per cent, depending on the amount of the investment and the associated tasks. In the case of small investments or particularly large investments, we negotiate special prices and conditions. Commission is only due when the investment is actually made. If tranches are to be negotiated, the commission is based on payment of the instalments.

Change management

If a manager must be on site for change management, the prices are the same as for interim management. Working with you, we will calculate a flat fee per project for documentation preparation. In this case, you should expect a flat fee between EUR 2,000 and generally up to EUR 6,000, depending on the project and the size.

Avoiding insolvency / EU solutions

We generally charge between EUR 5,000-7,000 per company for our service. You decide in advance on the various pre and post services that you need. Another very significant factor is the sales volume bracket of your company and how many employees you have.

Market development

Here we offer two options: we agree with you either a project contract for a certain duration and the services to be provided, or a commission that is always linked to the product launched. You should normally reckon on commission of up to 5%. This will vary depending on the content and the product as well as on the length of the project.

Corporate restructuring / reorganization

The prices for these assignments and the negotiation basis are the same as for change management and interim management.

Project-related, discrete services

You have the same options as for projects for market development.

Sale of the business

Similarly to investment search, commission in this case is generally based on the amount of the sale price.